Inverclyde Advisory Group

Brings together a network of local people with an interest in health and social care.

Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) wants the people of Inverclyde to be at the heart of all we do.

The views and experiences of people who use services and their families are important in helping to shape services and support to meet the needs of local people.


Your Voice and Inverclyde HSCP are committed to ensuring the views of local people who receive services/support, their carers, families and the people of Inverclyde are taken into account when developing and planning services to ensure that they are responsive to the needs of the people who use them.

Partnership working with officers from the HSCP has enabled the establishment of Inverclyde HSCP ADVISORY GROUP.

The Advisory Group comprises:

  • 11 Sub Group representatives who bring the representative voice from each subject area
  • Chair and Vice-Chair act as the service user representative and depute respectively
  • Carers elect the carers representative and depute from the wider Carers Network

The Advisory Group bring issues to the attention of the HSCP Committee and ensure members of the Advisory Network via its sub groups and broader ‘Your Voice’ network are informed of the nature and outcome of discussions relating to these issues on a regular basis.

Over the past year Your Voice has engaged with a diversity of people and groups to ascertain areas of good practice, identify gaps in services and highlight issues of concern which will evidence need for service developments.

  • Long Term Conditions


    • Fibromyalgia Support Group
    • Breast Cancer Support Group
    • Asthmatic Caring Group
    • Parkinsons Support Group
    • MS Social & Activities Support Group
    • Athritis Care Inverclyde


    Identified need for Tai Chi classes and assisted groups to apply for funding

    Identified need for Peer Support groups with several groups set up in local area

    Raised awareness of limited information for people and advertised groups through local health centres and doctors

    Encouraging people to join with other groups in the community and take part in events / activities.


    Helping people to understand how they can help treat and manage their illness

    Need for more psychological therapies

    Need for more Pain Management Therapies and Mindfulness

    Gaps in health literacy around long term conditions to provide patient centred health care

  • Mental Health

    including Dementia:

    • ACUMEN Issues Forum
    • Alzheimer's Scotland
    • Dementia Working Focus Group
    • Bipolar Group
    • Langhill Clinic
    • Dunrod Facility
    • SAMH Gateways
    • Inverclyde Association Mental Health and In Work
    • Richmond Fellowship
    • ECT Support Group


    Involved in planning and design of new hospital 'Orchard Grove' for continuing care.

    Involved in Quality assessment of NHS Older People's Wards

    People with lived experience involved in planning review of Community Mental Health Services

    Developed local Dementia Working Group


    Access to a range of Psychological Therapies

    Negotiation regarding medication

    Information on medication side effects

    Gaps in health literacy around Mental illness to provide patient centred health care.

  • Children and Young People


    • Inverclyde Happy Tots
    • Weigh To Go (Weight Management Programme)
    • Buggy Group / Mums Exercise Group
    • Inverclyde Youth Council
    • Port Glasgow High School
    • Rainbow Family Centre


    Development of Weigh To Go programme

    Successful partnership with Happy Tots, Funworld and Inverclyde walking network to develop free weekly buggy walk

    Links made with high schools, nurseries, happy tots, youth council


    Raise awareness of the benefits to healthier lifestyles and work to engage more Children and Young People in healthy lifestyle activities

    Create opportunities for Children and Young People to be involved and influence all aspects of their Community

    Secure and improve meaningful employment / training / skills development for our young people

    Working in partnership to identify meaningful recreational activities / spaces for Young People that they want / will utilise.

  • Carers


    • Muirshiel Carers
    • Inverclyde Carers Network
    • Dementia Carers Group
    • Hillend Carers
    • A range of long term conditions groups
    • Dunrod Carers
    • Inverclyde Carers Council
    • Carers Mental Health Group
    • Drop in Family Response


    Developed Carer Involvement in planning community mental health services

    Preparation and training for Carer Representative and depute to join Integration Board

    Raised awareness of using 'Plain English' when sharing information

    Involved in design of new long term care facility 'Orchard Grove'


    Not all GPs responding to carers register

    Support needs of unpaid carers

    Involving informal carers in care planning

    People unsure of respite entitlments and how they receive / qualify

  • Secondary Care

    including Hospital Discharge and Palliative / End of Life Sub Group

    • Older Voices Network
    • CIL Activity Groups
    • Links to Long Term Conditions Network
    • IRH Stroke Unit Group
    • Ardgowan Hospice Lymphodema Support Group
    • Stroke Matters Inverclyde


    Improved GP Appointment Systems: extended hours, advice via email & skype, online booking

    Local people better informed in Hospital Sterile Services Pilot

    Meal time coordinator and observation system introduced in Hospital to assist people at meal times

    People involved in design and production of the new 'Home from Hospital' booklet

    Local people involved in the design and production of new bereavement booklet

    Community represented on Inverclyde Palliative Care Implementation group.


    Enhance Communication between Community and Hospital Care

    Access to Health and Social Care services including Out of Hours and Crisis Support

    Monitor and improve Hospital Discharge processes

    Improving systems to reduce missed appoinments

    Challenge jargo - 'Use Plain English'

    Identify and improve communities understanding of Palliative Care

  • Healthier Lifestyles



    Development of Inverclyde Walking Network

    Local people involved in tobacco strategy

    Identified the need for local mums exercise class with baby. Assisted in application for funding

    Successful partnership with Happy Tots, Funworld and Inverclyde Walking Network to develop free weekly buggy walk

    Local people involved in Inverclyde Active Living Strategy

    Local people involved in feasibility study for a Recycling bike project


    Access to leisure facilities for those on low income / benefits

    Isolation / Loneliness - confidence to get involved

    Social prescribing - medical professionals directing patients into peer support groups

    Communcation in plain English

    Cost of tranport and accessibility

    Encourage / enable people to play a more active role in keeping themselves healthy.

  • Adult Protection


    • Need to improve access to service
    • Need to raise awareness of what adult protection means and areas covered
    • Need to raise awareness of how to
      report hate crime
    • Need to raise awareness of
      third party reporting and sites
    • Need to involved people with lived experience in planning services and support


    Co-production of new awareness raising leaflets and posters

    People with lived experience involved in the production of an awareness raising DVD

    Awareness raising DVD shown to various community groups and staff

    Your Voice is now a third party reporting site and has been raising awareness of this reporting option

    2 Representatives sit on the Adult Protection Committee bringing a collective community voice


    • Continue to raise awareness on how to access adult protection service and support and raise profile of campaign

    • Continue to raise awareness of what adult protection means and the areas covered

    • Continue to involve people with lived experience in planning services and support

    • Continue to raise awareness of third party reporting sites and options

    • Continue to bring a collective voice to the Adult Protection Committee

  • Homelessness and Housing


    • Inverclyde Homeless Forum
    • Joint Local Housing Associations Forum
    • Tenants & Residents Groups
    • Inverclyde Centre
    • 2 x Conversation Cafes
    • HAD-IT
    • Inverclyde Recovery Cafe
    • Greenock Prison Recovery Cafe


    2 x conversation cafes per annum to enable people using homelessness services to inform, shape and develop services

    Access to HIF assisted residents of Inverclyde Centre to access activities including – gardening, fishing and arts & crafts

    Inverclyde Homeless Forum - information & support now available every Monday & Friday

    Anti-Stigma Partnership work is now underway – community event planned for 1st December 2016

    Financial Inclusion Partnership – ongoing work to alleviate Financial Exclusion, Smarter buys project now in place

    CAP – Money Management course now available to the Inverclyde community

    CAP Debt Management – one – to –one Debt Management coach now available to Inverclyde Community


    Stigma / Loneliness & Isolation

    Poverty / Financial Exclusion

    Access to free / low cost goods for those who do not qualify for Smarter Buys

    More assistance for people to be housed on liberation from prison

    Lack of suitable accommodation

    Revolving door - need for life skills, budgeting, money management, cooking classes to assist people to maintain tenancies

  • Addictions / Recovery


    • IIDS Intense Recovery Group / Family Support

    • Moving On

    Inverclyde Recovery Café / Recovery Jam / Debaters

    • HAD-IT

    • Salvation Army - Lifetree Cafe

    • IIAS Moving Through Recovery Cafe

    • GRASP - Greenock Recovery Alcohol Support Project

    • Faith in Throughcare

    Greenock Prison Café Recovery

    • Jericho Rehabilitation (male & female)


    • Improved access to Training & Education for staff / volunteers / peers to assist people in & seeking recovery

    • Sanctions - information pack available to assist people to prevent / challenge sanctions if in treatment

    • Universal credit - claimants engaged in structured treatment may get a 6 month reprieve from looking to work to assist recovery

    HSCP Community Connector Pilot – a resource for staff & communities to assist in connecting people

    • Recovery assets now actively involved in Anti – Stigma Partnership work


    • Health Inequalities & Stigma

    • Culture Change – need more opportunities for social interaction/gathering without the need for substances

    • Excessive TV, Sport and Media Marketing of Alcohol

    • Outreach work to address loneliness and isolation – connect people with  services, supports & communities

    • Support for families

    • Improve networks to assist people away from services and into Recovery Communities

    • Rapid Access to addiction / recovery services

  • Older People


    • Vintage Port Glasgow
    • Hillend Centre
    • Port Glasgow Baths Women's Groups
    • Lunch Clubs & Day Centres
    • Old Men's Club
    • Women's Guild and Church Groups
    • Gourock Pensioners
    • Small Groups Day Care
    • Muirshiel Centre
    • Inverclyde Elderly Forum


    Hospital forum that is now being developed

    Changes made to home care services

    New bus stop in place at Aldi store

    New road crossing put in place. Pavement and road work repairs carried out.

    Chairs with arms available in all health centres in Inverclyde


    Fuel Poverty

    Gap between support people need and what is on offer

    Tackling isolation of older people

    Gaps in health literacy to provide patient centred health care

    Changes to podiatry / chiropody services.

  • Disability (PHYSICAL)

    including physical and learning:

    • COPD Group
    • Quarriers Discovery Group
    • Macular Degeneration Group
    • Maclehose Court Residents
    • CIL Activity Groups


    Improved community awareness and understanding of screening and health checks

    Introduction of 'Step Up Beds' in care homes

    New Occupational Therapist at point of Hospital Discharge

    Improvements in access to local facilities and transport

    Reduced waiting lists for non-emergency Occupational therapy


    Solutions to remove accessibility barriers including transport, roads and facilities

    Improved methods employed for communication and information exchange

    Remove barriers to accessible housing for people with disabilities and explore effective solutions

    Continue to work with community re-ablement team to promote independent living

    Improve local people's understanding of managing their own care including Self - Directed support / care plans

  • Disability (LEARNING)

    including physical and learning:

    • Day Opportunities
    • TAG (The Advisory Group)
    • Richmond Fellowship
    • Turning Point, The Voice of Inverclyde
    • Enable Social Club
    • West College Scotland School of Social Inclusion


    Weekly exercises

    Made keeping self clean DVD

    Weekly music group

    Days for parents and carers.


    Help - what to do when someone dies

    Signs - where to go?

    Places to go for feeding / support

    Better changing rooms, use of track hoists

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