This Pilot Project is in partnership with Inverclyde HSCP delivering the means for people to be more active within the local community.  Connectors can support people that are affected by many issues and concerns including loneliness, isolation and lack of confidence. Community Connectors provide conversation and encouragement that someone needs to get back on track and take part in activities and interests.


Inverclyde HSCP Pilot Project 2016 - 2018



Community Connectors will continue to work to promote the model to HSCP services across Inverclyde.

There can be many things that make us less confident about going out and getting involved.

Poor health, changes in circumstances or bereavement can affect our self confidence and cause us to stop doing things we once enjoyed... sometimes all it takes is a conversation and a bit of encouragement to get back out there and take part in things.

Community Connectors provide conversation and encouragement that someone needs to get back on track and take part in activities and interests. Community Connectors can be contacted directly or referrals from HSCP professionals, community organisations as well as family, friends and neighbours are accepted.

What have we achieved?

  • People have increased awareness of (and access to) community activities and resources.
  • Individuals are facilitated to increase their independence and levels of activity through connection to local community resources and activities.
  • Assisted people to make links and develop supportive relationships with groups and other individuals.
  • We have found that providing encouragement and motivation can help individuals to continue to live independently, stay in their own homes or avoid unnecessary hospital admission as a result of being linked to their community - working towards a reduction in the use of traditional services.

You can contact us directly , or if you know someone who would benefit from this service we take referrals from Health and Social Care Professionals, Community Organisations, as well as Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Sean Macfarlane

Social Prescribing


Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda McEwan





  • B - 61 year old gentleman who was referred by a Physiotherapist form Inverclyde Centre for Independent Living. B has suffered from a stroke resulting in a left hand side weakness which has had an effect on his mobility, confidence and social interaction.
  • Initial home visit explored hobbies and interests, B explained he has no particular hobbies however he is “sick of being stuck in the house”
  • Community Connectors assisted B to apply for MyBus which would entitle him to transport and get out and about, we also encouraged B to join the Shopmobility Scheme which again would increase his social interaction and increase his independence.
  • B has been accessing the Shopmobility service on average 4 times a week and has commented this has really improved his independence and allowed him the opportunity to go shopping, attend to banking and meet up with friends and family. His MyBus application was successful and has been happy to utilise a taxi if and when MyBus is not available.
  • Impact
  • B is no longer isolated, he has commented that through Community Connectors he is now able to meet people and his confidence has increased. B is now less reliant on HSCP services i.e Occupational Therapist, Physio, and also less likely to be admitted to hospital. B is at a stage in his life now where there are preventative measures in place to reduce his health and wellbeing from deteriorating.
  • There is clear evidence of increased improvement in all areas of SHANARRI wellbeing recordings.
  • This case study meets Community Connector Outcome;
  • Local people are more able to live independently, stay in their own homes, avoid unnecessary hospital admission and reduce service demand as a result of being linked to the community.



  • S is a 79 year old lady who was aware of Community Connectors through a friend and self-referred. At the initial meeting she explained she was very much aware she was becoming isolated, had no motivation and acknowledged she is consuming too much alcohol.
  • We discussed hobbies and opportunities to increase her confidence, reduce isolation and increase her general health and wellbeing. We spoke about the importance of having a routine/structure within her week. S main interest was her love of singing.
  • Community Connectors made contact with a registered ‘buddy’ within Your Voice who is a member of WOOPI singers, she was more than happy to provide initial support and meet S and introduce her to the group.
  • S has been attending WOOPI singers every week now and has performed with the group in the Oak Mall and various other venues, she explained she absolutely loves this and has met lots of new people.
  • Community Connectors also encouraged S to try Tai Chi at Your Voice every Monday, she has been accessing the class every week and again met new people, some of which she now goes for a coffee with after the class.
  • Impact
  • This example fully meets Community Connector outcome;
  • Local people are supported to make links and develop supportive relationships with groups and other individuals.
  • This also evidences a community based prevention intervention, at the initial meeting with S acknowledged that she was consuming too much alcohol, and was feeling isolated. This could have easily resulted in S having increased GP appointments or a reliance and demand in traditional health and social care services. This example also meets HSCP strategic commissioning theme:
  • Early intervention, prevention, reablement
  • When we asked S what impact did the role of Community Connectors have in her situation she explained: “I feel so much better and grateful for your help, I would be now be lost without my wee Tai Chi group and WOOPI singers in my life"



  • After lady received re-enablement care, she was not going out due to lack of confidence following a few falls - last one being quite serious
  • She was interested in accessing her local Church’s weekly coffee morning
  • Although the church is straight across the Street, it is a fairly busy road and this was a possible barrier for her due to confidence and mobility
  • CC encouraged her to go along and assisted with escorting across the road, when inside introduced her to some ladies who invited her to join their company
  • Members of the Church have agreed to escort and assist over and back each week, enabling her to access the coffee morning and be included within her community
  • She is delighted to be back amongst company and meet new friends, she has also been  attending a chair exercise class within the Church which she hopes will improve her mobility.


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