Recovery Projects at Your Voice are undertaken with full time Development Workers, specialised in dealing with individuals recovering from addiction and mental health issues, with a view to supporting individual recovery through a variety of different methods.

Infographics Pilot Project


This is an eight week collaborative project between recovery assets from IRC, graphic designers, supported by Inverclyde Alcohol & Drug Partnership (IADP) and Your Voice.

The infographic pilot, was created to support and inform communities and get them involved in conversations about substance misuse, and more importantly RECOVERY (in Inverclyde).

It is hoped that this project will assist communities to increase their knowledge and understanding in this area, challenge stigma and support people in their community who are in / seeking recovery.

Recovery assets have shared their experiences and utilised their wisdom and skills to create an innovative design that invokes a sense of the Inverclyde area, using iconic cityscapes, and imagery that represents a both struggle and achievement (in an Olympic Year) – with the colours and medals suggesting positive outcomes and goals, and the strong use of blacks to enforce negative perceptions.

The information contained within info graphic is all a direct product of Recovery Assets sharing their life experience across a range of issues - addiction, mental health and more - and highlighting the things they feel are unspoken and / or frightening for people to deal with.

Going forward, elements from the graphic will be used to create conversations, across a range of Social Media and recovery assets and IRC member will continue to contribute to the development of the discussion through group chats, writing exercises and media training.

Tackling Stigma - Social Media Project

Part of the aim of the project is to look at and challenge the use of common, yet inappropriate, language around those in Recovery, be it from addiction, mental health or other issues.

How often do we speak without thinking about how the names we attach to people affect them? Would you use racist or gender derogatary terms to a person's face? In the same way, do you think it's appropriate to a person with an addiction a 'J*****', a person with a mental illness 'psy****', a person with alcohol issues an 'a***e'?

The project strives, by using the shared experience of Recovery Assets, to identify the pain of being stigmatised, the effect of labeling people and the difficulty in understanding the causes the lead people into problems in their lives.


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