Adult learning disability redesign - Inverclyde is a caring community and we want to assist everyone with the right support. Inverclyde has dedicated, experienced and skilled individuals caring for and supporting people with a learning disability.


Funded project
2017 - 2020


Senior Development

Inverclyde is a place where people with a learning disability can thrive, and take their rightful place in our community. Alongside carers (in a paid or unpaid capacity) people with a learning disability should feel valued, respected, included and supported.

Following an extensive review of learning disability (LD) services we found that:

• Local adults with a LD don’t have access to all the opportunities in the

 community that they wish

• Carers don’t always get the support they need to care and have a full life for themselves

• Workers who support and assist people with a LD aren’t always able to do everything they would like, and their skills and experience would enable them to do

• Increase SDS, where appropriate and desired by the individual and their carers family.

Ultimately, we all want the very best for local adults with a LD. In order to meet our aspirations we need to have a different model that is fit for the future

Inverclyde HSCP Adult Learning Disability Services Redesign

Best practice and evidence indicates that having daytime activities focussed on the traditional day centre model is not the best we can do. Some of the buildings from which we deliver our Learning Disability service are no longer fit for purpose. Changes to our Day Opportunity & Supported Living Services will allow us to improve how we support local adults with a Learning Disability to spend their days and be independent. To make this happen we will Create a new service model:

• Day and social opportunities and support based on a model that promotes independence,
choice and control

• People whose needs determine they require a building based day service will
continue to receive this.

• Increase uptake of Self Directed Support so that care and support can be more flexible

• Reduce the amount of Council arranged transport being used by local adults with a Learning Display. This is not person centred, inclusive or value for money

• Build or refurbish (to house) in a central location a new day opportunity and community hub in the next 2 – 5 years

• We are aiming for Autumn 2018 to be ready to begin combining the McPherson Centre Service Users with the Fitzgerald Centre Service Users at the Fitzgerald Building in Lynedoch Street

We want to involve, engage and consult everyone who has a view about how best to make the changes needed to deliver excellence. We will work together to:

• Ensure there is long term security and affordability  for services, maximising the best use of resources.

• Embed equity and fairness for everyone with a Learning Disability who needs support to live healthy and independent lives

• Implement solutions to help carers fulfil their caring role whilst living a life of their own

• Make sure people who work to support local adults with a Learning Disability have a positive experience and feel supported to do their best.


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