Recovery Jam

The Recovery Initiatives Needs Assessment led people with an interest to go with the Scottish Recovery Consortium ethos of “just do it” and within a couple of weeks – Inverclyde Recovery Jam Sessions were advertised and meeting on a weekly basis at Your Voice. The Jam Sessions are full of enthusiasm and energy and incorporate the Five Ways to Well-being:

  • Connect
  • Be Active
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Give (back)

Music therapy has been shown to help people manage and deal better with a variety of conditions, and group members have stated that access to this helps them to build a life away from addiction.

The music group have developed over the past 2 years, and have been involved in a number of projects with many organisations - bringing a lived experience approach to song writing, raising awareness of recovery and reducing stigma within the community.

Participants have stated that access to:

Music Therapy has had a calming effect on them - both for the artist and the listener.

Music tutor Colin Bell (Fallen Arches) has assisted members to learn new skills, build confidence and self-esteem and go from strength to strength

To date, the following people and organisations have assisted to resource, enhance, contribute and support IRJ:

  • Recovery Assets & Volunteers
  • Scottish Recovery Consortium
  • Health Improvement Fund
  • Music Tutor
  • Recording Studio
  • Donations of Guitars, Musical equipment

Inverclyde Recovery Jam is open to new members, volunteers and donations as we continue on our journey of recovery through music.


Inverclyde Community Care Forum
Telephone 01475 728628

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