Assets at the Recovery Cafe have worked on several major projects. The latest, tackling stigma in the local community at large, uses new technologies, social media, and personal experience to try to bring the experience of stigma to a wider audience.

Tackling Stigma

If you type 'Stigma' into Google, this is the first definition that is returned:

 "A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality,
or person."

Look at another person - what is the first definition you apply to them? Why do you think first impressions are so important? Forming a negative first impression based on appearance, behaviours, or environment is stigmatising an individual and can contribute to a continuing negative cycle for the person. The videos on the right are true life experiences illustrating how negative and positive attitudes can affect someone's life.

People are all on their own, personal journey and nobody can ever know what another person has gone through -try to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

From The UK Drug Policy Commission (UKDPC):

"Feelings of shame and worthlessness prevent people and their families seeking help, which may exacerbate their problems.

Low self-esteem prevents a belief in recovery, to which the long-term nature of stigma contributes.

Participants in research reported being stigmatised by professionals in a wide range of healthcare and social care settings.

For example, many participants reported having problems obtaining pain relief, even when quite severely hurt, because of an implicit assumption that they were just after a ‘fix’.

Stigma makes it difficult for people recovering from drug dependence to obtain jobs, which are important for reintegration and participation in society. For example, people reported having offers of employment withdrawn when their history of drug use became known.

The stereotypes and associated fear attached to people with drug problems and the assumption that they never change can cause difficulties for people with drug problems in both getting and retaining accommodation"

"Just Different" Stigma Project PART ONE 2016

"Rock Bottom" Stigma Project PART TWO 2016

"Recovery" Stigma Project PART THREE 2016


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